Project number: 2020-2-EL02-KA105-006165 

Date: 15-22.03.2021 (Dates to be confirmed due to Covid-19)

Location: Egio, Greece.
Participants from: Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

A youth exchange for young people to understand and develop their skills at building resilience, empowerment and positive mental health to tackle youth unemployment and social exclusion. 


  1. To come away with concrete methods and ideas to develop their own sense of empowerment, resilience and positive mental health and incorporate these into their lives.
  2. To understand themselves and other young people thereby feeling less isolated, better able to understand positive mental health and what they can do to encourage it within themselves and others.
  3. To acquire skills and competences to deal with burnout and tackle rooted conflict issues. 
  4. To explore the potentials of creative methodologies as a way for self-discovery, stress

reduction, creativity, empowerment, resilience and positive mental health.

  1. To explore the potential of theater experience as a tool for therapy, personal discovery and self expression.
  2. To be part of an intercultural learning experience.
  3. To improve Emotional intelligence.
  4. To learn about body language and body awareness as a path towards good health.