Project Number: 2018-1-EL02-KA105-00402

Date: 31.08-08.09.2018

Location: Egio, Greece
Participants from: Armenia, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Spain.


A project about social agriculture and the possibilities of creating successful and innovative projects by combining the social with the agricultural fields. 


  1. To reconsider the role of agriculture in our contemporary societies and reflect on its fundamental importance as a major influential factor that can drive positive change into our communities.
  2. To become familiar with non-conventional agricultural techniques like organic agriculture and permaculture.
  3. To discover the possibilities that agriculture offers to positively impact communities and bring this new awareness into the work done within their own communities.
  4. To reconnect with nature and with food production.
  5. To explore the potentials of agriculture as a way for self discovery, creativity, empowerment, resilience.
  6. To build a small-scale social agriculture project (community garden) in the village that can benefit and serve the local community.