Project number: 2019-1-PL01-KA204-065815

Start date: 10.06.2020

Duration: 36 months (COMPLETED)

Partners from: Poland, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, United Kingdom.


The project’s main topic refers to the lack of holistic methodology of using critical-cultural education for gaining real social change. We aim to develop an innovative methodology of holistic educational work with people who need sociotherapeutic support, to bring together the tools of artistic and cultural-critical education with psychological and sociotherapeutic competences. We would like to develop a model of cooperation between cultural and artistic educators, sociotherapeutic institutions and groups socially excluded, such as prisoners, hospitalised people, homeless people, and seniors in institutions of social care. 

Objectives of the project:

  1. To develop an innovative, holistic methodology for adult education, which seeks to increase key competences with respect to civic competences, cultural awareness and expression, as well as personal, social and learning competences.
  2. To encompass training scenarios introducing educators to the innovative, holistic methodology of educational work with persons who require special support.
  3. To create an international, qualitative network of methodological support for cultural educators.