Project Number: 2019-3-EL02-KA105-005260

Date: 20-29.05.2021

Location: Egio, Greece
Participants from: Greece, Italy, Estonia, Spain, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Iceland.


A training course that aims to introduce and explore the principles of “improvisation” and experiment with practical and fun tools and techniques that can be used in daily life, creative work and other situations and places too.


  1. To train one’s own awareness, acceptance and sense of initiative.
  2. To strengthen one’s confidence in themself and in their skills and abilities. 
  3. To experience visceral, ‘in the moment’ practice within an overtly reflective and supportive environment. 
  4. To encourage one to actively seek the unfamiliar, rather than simply learn to cope with it. 
  5. To explore a more fitting response to the complexity of human relations in which youth workers operate and thereby help to preserve the integrity of process-based practice.