Project Number: 2016-2-EL02-KA105-002405

Date: 24-30.01.2017

Location: Egio, Greece
Participants from: Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey.

A Training Course for trainers, youth workers and peer leaders about developing the competences on conflict resolution and empathic communication through Gestalt Theatre and Gestalt approaches.
Objectives of the project: 

  1. To introduce and further develop participants’ capacity to solve potential interpersonal conflicts as well as to develop their self awareness as persons, trainers and youth workers. 
  2. To explore the potentials of improvisation as a way for self-discovery and creativity development. 
  3. To help participants understand the group dynamics taking place in a group and to better facilitate the group process from a Gestalt perspective. 
  4. To facilitate the exchange of experience from participants regarding their previous work in theatre and youth work with young people.