Exchange of Good Practises in the field of Youth

Project number: 2017-2-ES02-KA205-009937
Start date

18 months (COMPLETED)

Partners from
Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia.

The WISH project – Youth Taking Action For Overcoming Oppression, gave young people new approaches, methodologies, and tools for conflict management in line with the techniques of the Theater of the Oppressed, to fight conflict, oppression and create common and reciprocal solutions. The main activities of the project were the development of a proposal for the creation of a global educational model that included discussions and approaches to the theater of the oppressed and techniques for acquiring skills and abilities of self-determination, self-management, and conflict management. The training model supported and promoted the development of citizen skills worldwide among young people, strengthening and implementing the UNESCO Proposals (2015) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
The WISH project focused on conflict prevention, giving value to the methodology of the Theater of the Oppressed. The project and its results supported employees, teachers, and other professionals/organizations working with young people on issues of oppression, v.iolence, and racism.